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Good Vibes For The Music

Sweetheart was an internet radio station, the station was currently its online through worldwide for broadcast via satellite areas which covered the worldwide station, Sweetheart currently its watch/listen live streaming platforms via YouNow, Twitch and YouTube due to copyright infringement, also social media users including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok which livestream the programs without music (due to copyright infringement) and uploaded the local vlogs also guesting the program the station, The station was operating for round-the-clock, while off the air from Maundy Thursday to Black Saturday for Holy Week, until back on air for Easter Sunday around 5:00 AM the morning, However, at April 16, the station was occured that went on air for Black Saturday around 1:45 AM that year who went on-air only for Easter Sunday but goes on air due to expection of maintenance activities or scheduled interruptions. Sweetheart was became to number one of the easy-listening internet radio station for worldwide, which ranks from November 2019 to February 2020, Most of the avid listeners are 5–25 years of age.