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Techno Music with Junkie B by Junkie B

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Reverb creating a wall of low frequency, the drums separating, birthing a rhythm. The crack of a snare breaks the beat and a high hat fixes the groove. An oscillator, square in shape, slices the air like only a samurai can, only to be filtered away. Sounds turn to vibrations as the heart synchronizes to the beat, the cacophony pulls forward like an addict toward its addiction... The bang of the drum, the squelch of the synth, the frequency of the storm... I am a Junkie... Recorded live @ Contaminated Studios, New York and finer venues across the world.

Episodes list
Name Released date
6 - Dosage Running Apr 21, 2016
5 - Hazard Mar 12, 2016
4 - Harmonic Feb 13, 2016
3 - Soil Jan 28, 2016
2 - Degradation Dec 24, 2015
1 - Night Dec 19, 2015