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Swing Sister Swing by Nancy Hitzig

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Swing Sister Swing is a podcast about the dollars and cents, or pounds and pence of being an artist and pursuing funding. Professional fundraiser and dancer, Nancy Hitzig sits down with fellow composers, musicians and performers of all kinds to have intimate conversations about money, resilience and the ups and downs of being a creative entrepreneur. Many of the episodes feature stories of failure, personal fortitude and questions of self-worth and how we all find the energy and tenacity to thrive. If you’ve ever struggled to ask for what you want or felt limited by other people’s imaginations, you’re not alone. This podcast was generously kick started by Sound Connections, a London-charity focused on a musically inclusive London but is for anyone who considers themself a creative and is thinking about income. If there’s a topic you’d love to hear about, or someone you think I should talk to, do get in touch and follow me on Facebook and Instagram @swingsisterswing.

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