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Robi(K)in the mix by R.o.b.i (K)

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Robi(K) Robi(K) (°1984, Rostock, Germany) is Dj and Produzent create he,s own Music and Remixes for other Artist. He has the music in himself, and only a little later he found his way to electronic music through friends. But this has done to him and so his interest in working as a DJ developed. For some time, he has also tried as a producer, which was rewarded in late 2017 with the first release. Through the contacts he makes everywhere, he wants to work on his career, hoping for a lot of support. After initially smaller, yet legendary performances at smaller festivals and parties, he quickly managed to hang up at major events or in clubs. Due to its varied set, s and its sympathetic Person , exuberant nights are a must. Robi(K) currently lives and works in Salzburg.

Episodes list
Name Released date
2 - Irreparabel Running Mar 10, 2019
1 - For all my Friends Jan 04, 2019