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Remaking Manhood: The Healthy Masculinity Podcast by Remaking Manhood

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For generations, our culture has taught us a narrow limiting set of rules for how to be a man. The end result? Epidemic levels of isolation and violence for boys and men and for the multitude of others who’s lives we impact. But we can make a difference choice. We can choose a masculinity of connection and in return have healthier relationships and more meaningful, lasting lives. Every episode you’ll hear honest conversations designed to show you what breaking out of the man box can look like and feel like. Welcome to Remaking Manhood, the healthy masculinity podcast. We’re glad you’re here.

Episodes list
Name Released date
23 - How to Confront Gender and Masculinity in Schools (and make them better for everyone) - with Jason Ablin Running Aug 07, 2022
22 - Finn Cox: What a Trans Man Sees When He Steps Out as a Man May 22, 2022
21 - Reclaiming What Was Stolen Feb 09, 2022
20 - Jason Rogers on His Evolution Towards Self-Reflection in the Hyper-Masculine World of Top-Tier Competitive Sports Dec 23, 2021
19 - Making Your Workplace Better - Identifying and Ending Workplace Bullying with Linda Crockett and Animah Kosai Oct 20, 2021
18 - Fathering Together's Brian Anderson: Co-creating Fatherhood With Our Children Oct 12, 2021
17 - Calling Men In - Interrupting Harassment and Rape Culture Sep 10, 2021
16 - Coach Erik Becker on Coaching a Football of Love and Connection Aug 25, 2021
15 - Challenging Radicalized Masculinity with Mark Winkler Aug 11, 2021
14 - Judy Chu: Why Are Boys Hiding Who They Are? Jul 27, 2021
13 - Graham Goulden: Breaking The Silence That Binds And Blinds Us Jul 14, 2021
12 - CEO LIsa Hickey: The Joy of Culture Hacking for Healthy Masculinity Jun 30, 2021
11 - Professor Kevin Shafer: New Research on the Power of Engaged Fatherhood Jun 17, 2021
10 - Byron Hughes: Creating a Culture of Connection for Men at Virginia Tech University Jun 02, 2021
9 - Paul Kivel on Why Ending Violence Against Women Demands Men Do Our "Work" May 19, 2021
8 - Mark Deconstructs Man Box Culture May 03, 2021
7 - Ray Arata on Men Standing in Their Power Apr 14, 2021
6 - Jan Darwin Hutchins on Being In the Flow Apr 14, 2021
5 - Jose Alejandro on Being, Authenticity, Wholeness & Wellness Apr 14, 2021
4 - Ashanti Branch on Men's Challenges With Asking for Help Apr 14, 2021
3 - Boysen Hodgson on the Personal Impact of Men's Work Apr 14, 2021
2 - The First Episode: Breaking Out of the Man Box Apr 14, 2021