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Whether you live in Clarenville, Port Aux Basques, southern Labrador or any point in between...CBC Newfoundland Morning is for you. It's an upbeat, friendly start to your day. Bernice and Martin have the information you need, want and can't do without!

Episodes list
Name Released date
1610 - Risley responds: Billionaire businessman John Risley addresses a CBC Investigates story about Stephenville councillors flying on his private jet Running Dec 01, 2022
1609 - Six years later, and the case of Jennifer Hillier-Penney's disappearance is still unsolved. We get an update from the RCMP about the missing St. Anthony woman Nov 30, 2022
1608 - Find out how you can help Make the Season Kind, as CBC prepares for Feed NL Day on Friday, Dec. 16 Nov 30, 2022
1607 - "Wednesday" is the new Tim Burton adaptation of The Addams Family. We speak with one of the stars, who happens to be a Newfoundlander Nov 30, 2022
1606 - 'tis the season for online shopping deals - and, sadly, online SCAMMERS. The Better Business Bureau is warning about an increase in Facebook scams Nov 29, 2022
1605 - Call it the right place at the right time...We hear how three stranded turr hunters were rescued by the Cormorant helicopter, after being stranded for two days along a remote beach in White Bay Nov 29, 2022
1604 - Your passport to supporting local businesses. St. Anthony has a holiday passport that gives shoppers a chance to win prizes, and it boosts the local economy at the same time Nov 29, 2022
1603 - Hope from tragedy... dozens of people will be remembering a couple who were killed in a motor vehicle crash a couple of years ago. A unique memorial will be held for Brendan McLean and Bre Horne Nov 28, 2022
1602 - A delegation from Stephenville town council returned from a conference in Germany last month on a private jet. We'll have more on the CBC Investigates story Nov 28, 2022
1601 - We chat with the author of a new book about his family's eye disease, and with the Memorial University geneticist who discovered it Nov 28, 2022
1600 - For any moose hunters out there, a \we have a cautionary tale about a Grand Falls-Windsor man going into the woods alone Nov 27, 2022
1599 - Inflation and the cost of living are tough for all of us, but particularly difficult for people who can no longer afford basic housing. We speak with a housing activist about what's happening and what needs to be done about it Nov 27, 2022
1598 - Battling mice and a dancing fairy....the story of The Nutcracker is a Christmas classic, and starting Tuesday, a touring production will bring local dancers to a stage near you. Nov 27, 2022
1597 - Preventing mishap or even tragedy. A search and rescue group will share tips on how to stay safe on your snowmobile ride this weekend Nov 24, 2022
1596 - The former mayor of Bonavista is helping with efforts to create a shelter for women and children on the Bonavista Peninsula who are seeking safety from intimate partner violence Nov 24, 2022
1595 - A new mom saw a need for more family resources in Gander - so she decided to make it happen! We'll head to the grand opening of the new Crossroads Family Resource Centre Nov 23, 2022
1594 - We'll talk about the new carbon tax we'll start paying in July, and find out what it means for you Nov 23, 2022
1593 - Now entering stage right. Adam Brake and Allison Crowe are starting a whole new youth theatre program in Corner Brook Nov 23, 2022
1592 - Art is long, life is short. Art usually outlives the artist, but we'll tell you about an art show tonight where the art only lasts until the show is over Nov 23, 2022
1591 - You could say author Ken Pieroway has a "track" record. His latest photo book about the Newfoundland railway takes us on a photographic journey by rail, from St. John's to Port aux Basques Nov 22, 2022
1590 - The Association for New Canadians honours those who promote diversity, equity and anti-racism. We'll learn about the 2022 Diversity Awards - and meet their Youth Award winner Nov 22, 2022
1589 - Growing lettuce in Newfoundland all year round. We'll hear from a local lettuce producer trying to get a-head Nov 22, 2022
1588 - Big hearts and warm coats. We meet a western Nfld. business owner who's helping people in her community get winter coats for free Nov 21, 2022
1587 - We'll replay part of a conversation with the late Enid Stevenson of Corner Brook, on the occasion of her 100th birthday. The beloved member of the community passed away last Friday, just 11 days before her 102nd birthday Nov 21, 2022
1586 - We hear about the new memoir from author and poet Michelle Porter, exploring her Métis culture, family, history, mental illness, and healing Nov 21, 2022
1585 - The wheels on the bus are going 'round and 'round in Corner Brook. We'll hear how the City is making changes to its public transit system Nov 20, 2022
1584 - Taking mental health first aid offshore. We'll meet a Hibernia worker who saw a need and has spent nearly a decade trying to help himself and others Nov 20, 2022
1583 - 'Tis the season for giving. And people who provide help to families in need say that need has never been greater. The Salvation Army will tell us how you can help Nov 20, 2022
1582 - The cost of lettuce is causing some restaurants to take it off the menu, but it's not the only staple ingredient cutting into profits. We'll talk about the struggles restaurants are facing with inflation Nov 20, 2022
1581 - A book examines the extraction of fossil fuels in the fragile waters of the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans. We'll hear from the editors, who are faculty in MUN's English department Nov 20, 2022
1580 - A visiting artist spent the fall making prints of an old punt in Terra Nova National Park...and he got some help from local students. Nov 17, 2022
1579 - Sink or swim. Pools across this country are having a hard time finding lifeguards. We'll talk to the Lifesaving Society about why that is Nov 17, 2022
1578 - From toutons to boiled raisin cake - a new cookbook from travel writer Jennifer Leigh Hill highlights the best breakfasts and treats this province has to offer Nov 17, 2022
1577 - It's Trans Awareness Week, a time to raise awareness of key issues Trans people in our communities face. We'll ask what the week means to the entire community, and what some of the major issues are for Trans people in NL Nov 17, 2022
1576 - Students at Grenfell campus can now get access to free mental health services at any hour of the day online or over the phone. We'll hear from a campus counsellor about the why and how Nov 16, 2022
1575 - Meteorologists can't see into the future, but thanks to a new radar system on the West Coast, they can better forecast the weather headed our way Nov 16, 2022
1574 - It's Nurse Practitioners' Week in Canada. We ask their union president what they do now, what more they can do, and how to know when they're doing too much Nov 16, 2022
1573 - To mask or not to mask? We'll hear from some people in Corner Brook about whether it's time to cover up in public Nov 16, 2022
1572 - UNDRIP - it's the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Information about it is coming to a Mi'kmaw community near you Nov 16, 2022
1571 - ICYMI: Staffing shortages are causing delays for cancer patients in NL who need radiation therapy. But a woman in Central Newfoundland says sending patients to Toronto is not an easy solution. Nov 16, 2022
1570 - ICYMI: A Springdale doctor is asking government to lift the cap on MCP funded virtual appointments. Dr. Todd Young tells us why, and what it could mean to patients in NL Nov 16, 2022
1569 - Nurses with Western Health say they're being forced to work a lot of extra hours - and they're concerned for themselves and their patients. We'll hear from their union president Nov 15, 2022
1568 - Bienvenue to NL's newest literary festival, and the first one focused on French culture Nov 15, 2022
1567 - Help is on the way...they hope. People in southwest Newfoundland affected by Fiona have new information about financial assistance coming their way. Homeowner Peggy Savery lost everything in the storm surge Nov 15, 2022
1566 - Western Health responds to concerns about mandatory overtime being worked by nurses. Nov 15, 2022
1565 - Scotiabank left town, but can the people of Fogo Island support a branch of the credit union? We spoke with the accountant who's been crunching the numbers to try to make it happen Nov 14, 2022
1564 - An expert on the immune system says it's not masking and distancing that have weakened our immunity to viruses and made us sicker this fall. He says COVID itself has robbed our body of its natural defences to fight off illlness Nov 14, 2022
1563 - We'll meet a young athlete who escaped the war in Ukraine and has started a new life as a baker in Gander Nov 14, 2022
1562 - Coughs that won't quit and sinuses more congested than a traffic jam. Why does it seem like we're all sick this fall? We'll hear from a family physician in Corner Brook Nov 13, 2022
1561 - Getting crafty with ocean trash...We hear about a craft night in Southern Labrador, using ghost gear collectedfrom the surrounding coast Nov 13, 2022