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WAR ROOM: Pandemic is the first and most comprehensive program to bring the most up to the minute information on the news of the day. Stephen K. Bannon brings medical experts, politicians, business leaders, and those on the front lines for a comprehensive look at the latest news from all and provide their insider insights.

Episodes list
Name Released date
6825 - WarRoom Battleground EP 144: - Church In Katy Texas Hosting Drag BINGO; The Devotion Destined to Save Society; Sign Up To Be A Precinct Committeeman Today And Get Involved Running Sep 26, 2022
6824 - Episode 2179: We Are Reaching Regime Level Government Overreach; Alex Jones Unleashed; Renee Wegryzn Wants To Protect You From The Dangerous Genes She Is Working On Sep 24, 2022
6823 - Episode 2178: First Christian Church Of Katy Texas Promoting Child Friendly Drag Events; Polling Shows In Favor For MAGA IN Arizona/Washington; Live From The Liberty House Inaugural Weekend Sep 24, 2022
6821 - Episode 2177: WarRoom Called The Market Crash Almost 1 Year Ago; Live From North Carolina: MAGA Suges; CPAC Pledge For Candidates To Stop Doing The Agenda Of WOKE Companies Sep 23, 2022
6820 - Episode 2176: The Economy Is About To Be A Lost Decade Of Your Life; Education Not Indoctrination: How We Win Back The School Boards; The Elites Of Europe Fear The Populist Wave Sep 23, 2022
6819 - Episode 2175: The Bottom Is Falling Out On The Markets; It is Now Time To Dig IN Deep And Use This Financial Momentum; My Son Hunter With Laurence Fox Sep 23, 2022
6818 - WarRoom Battleground EP 143: Breaking Down The Data That The Establishment Fears Sep 22, 2022
6817 - Episode 2174: Every State Is a Border State And They Are Feeling The Pain From Biden's Border Crisis; That To America; Loudon County Refuses To Kneel To The Liberal Ideology Of The School Board Sep 22, 2022
6816 - Episode 2173: Arizona Ranchers Are Having To Deal With Migrant Deaths On Their Own; Lindell Sues The FBI Sep 22, 2022
6815 - Episode 2172: The Pit Of Hell Of Spending; Live From FAIR Day 2: We Need Border Security; The FBI Whistleblower And The Persecution Of Conservatives Sep 22, 2022
6814 - WarRoom Battleground EP 142: Polls Are Out Against Letitia James And In Favor For MAGA Candidate; The Formula Crisis Continues; Is There Actually Free Speech Online; How Bill Gates Controlled The COVID Response Sep 22, 2022
6813 - Episode 2171: Fed Raises Interest Rates As The Markets Plummet; Alex Jones Unleashed; Attack Against Free Speech Sep 21, 2022
6812 - Episode 2170: Was The FBI Censoring Agents; On The Ground From FAIR: Holding Their Feet To The Fire; The Puppetry Of The WHO Sep 21, 2022
6811 - Episode 2169: Live On The Ground From FAIR And The Catastrophe At The Southern Border; We Are Witnessing The 1970's 2.0 When It Comes To Inflation Sep 21, 2022
6810 - WarRoom Battleground EP 141: Forced Vaccinations Are Adding To "Long Covid"; Getting To The Bottom Of the Accurate Mortality Rate From COVID; Why Are They Suppressing The Truth On The Harm To Women Sep 20, 2022
6809 - Episode 2168: Nigel Farage On The Legacy Of The Queen; They Are Continuing To Push Puberty Blockers On Families Children; The Woke Agenda Is Tied With The Economic Crisis Sep 20, 2022
6808 - Episode 2167: More Than 78 Terrorists Have Been Apprehended At The Border And 2 Million People Crossed Have Crossed So Far; The Great Reset And How To Defend Against It; Navigating The Storm Facing The Catholic Church And The Faith Sep 20, 2022
6807 - Episode 2166: Humanity 2.0 Is Coming...You Have Been Warned; Border, Inflation, Energy These Are The Key Issues That Matter For The American People; Kash Patel On The Deep State And Taking Back The Whitehouse Sep 20, 2022
6806 - WarRoom Battleground EP 140: Live From 101 Constitution: Taking Back Trump's America Sep 19, 2022
6805 - Episode 2165: Migrants Deported From The Vineyard;Taking Back Trump's America Live Sep 19, 2022
6804 - Episode 2164: Meckler On Taking Back Washington And Fixing The Structure Of Our Nation.; The Pregame For Taking Back Trump's America; The Freight Strike Might Still Hold Up Transport In America Sep 19, 2022
6803 - Episode 2163: Elise Stefanik Announces Run For GOP Conference Chair; We Have An Historic Drop In Net Assets And What Is To Come Next Sep 19, 2022
6802 - Episode 2162: The Global Takeover Of The Elite Is Shattering Around Them; Waking Up To The Lies Of The Establishment; Rise Of The Technocrats Sep 17, 2022
6801 - Episode 2161: Live From TPUSA: The Great Reset Sep 17, 2022
6800 - WarRoom Battleground EP 139: Houston Border Summit And Hackathon Prove That There Are Issues With The Border And Elections; Live From Phoenix At TPUSA Sep 16, 2022
6799 - Episode 2160: The Surge In Crime Continues Because We Restrict Local Police; National Guard Is Being Sent In To Handle The Migrant Crisis; Live From Turning Point USA Phoenix Sep 16, 2022
6798 - Episode 2159: The Great Reset: Live From TPUSA Phoenix; If The Regime Continues To Go Unchecked, We Will Continue To See Destruction; ARPA-H: From Healing/Enhancement, To Humanity 2.0 Sep 16, 2022
6797 - Episode 2158: The Willful Ignorance Of The Law; The Southern Border Is In Everyone's Backyard And The Elites Are In Meltdown; We Are Heading To A Energy Catastrophe; Sep 16, 2022
6796 - WarRoom Battleground EP 138: The Invasion Of The US Continues; White House Sanctions Transhumanism Tech With Advanced Research Projects Agency For Health Sep 15, 2022
6795 - Episode 2157: Migrants Are Sent To Martha's Vineyard And The Elite Left Is In Meltdown; Ohmar's District Highschool Produces Islamic Extremists; Mom's At School Boards Labled Domestic Terrorists Sep 15, 2022
6794 - Episode 2156: How Inflation Is Tied With The Climate Mandates; The Biden Administration Installed A Dictator In Haiti And Crushed Their Chance At Democracy; Mike Lindell Sues The FBI Sep 15, 2022
6793 - Episode 2155: Karoline Leavitt: It's Never Been Extreme To Put Your Home First; The Regime IS Planning On Automated Conductors And Will Get Rid Of Thousands Of Train Operating Jobs Sep 15, 2022
6792 - Episode 2154: MAGA Takes Over Sweden: The Populist Revolt Wins PM; The CCP Has Infiltrated Twitter And They Can Track Your Every Location; Denmark Stopds Pushing COVID Vaccine On People Under 50 Sep 14, 2022
6791 - WarRoom Battleground EP 137: Congress Is Back In Session Facing Record High Inflation Rates; AZ-7 Plans To Fight Back Against The Migrant Crisis; Sep 14, 2022
6790 - Episode 2153: We Have Dug Ourselves Into A Financial Hole And Will Take Time To Climb Out; The FBI Seize Mike Lindell's Phone; WH Executive Order Funding $2 Billion For Mad Scientists Sep 14, 2022
6789 - Episode 2152: MAGA Blow Out In New Hampshire; The Establishment Fears General Bolduc And Karoline Leavitt; They Dropped Millions To Destroy MAGA Candidates And They Failed; The Record Economic Fall Continues To Struggle Sep 14, 2022
6788 - WarRoom Battleground 136: The WHO Extends Time Frame To Submit Videos; We Are Starting To Close The GAP In Key Battleground States; Idaho Promotes Groomer Reading Hour Sep 13, 2022
6787 - Episode 2151: I've Seen Fire And I've Seen Rain: The Worst Plumet Of The Markets Since June 2020; Fredericks Live From New Hampshire Sep 13, 2022
6786 - Episode 2150: The Democrat Show Trial Has Collapsed And They Are Scrambling; Gretchen Supports Groomers And Promotes Inappropropriate Literature For Children; Kari Lake Unleashed Sep 13, 2022
6785 - Episode 2149: Soaring Inflation Numbers Are Driving The Stake Into The Biden Regime; Malloy Brings Business Facts And Sensibility To The State Of Vermont; The Fear Of Losing The Reserve Currency And Hyperinflation Sep 13, 2022
6784 - Episode 2148: MTG Fights Back Against Regimes Claims Of Domestic Terrorism During 9/11 Memorials; Leavitt Throws Down Against The SMear Tactics Of The Establishment; The Biden Administration Is Deminishing The Strategic Oil Reserve Sep 12, 2022
6783 - WarRoom Battleground EP 135: The Populist Uprising Continues; Biden Regime Continues The Economic Downturn Of The US; Irish Teacher Jailed For Not Using Pronouns; Groomers Endorsing Candidates In NC Election Sep 12, 2022
6782 - Episode 2147: The Push Back Against The WEF And The Liberal Party; Housing Market Continues To Skyrocket Across The Country; The Launching Of Bannon's WarRoom Rome Sep 12, 2022
6781 - Episode 2146: 9/11 21 Years Ago Remembered; There Is No Substitute For Victory: The Populist Uprising In Canada Sep 12, 2022
6780 - Episode 2145: Pray For Our Enemies: The Grassroots Are Fighting Back; Masters Shocks The Establishment While Being Outspent; Bannon's WarRoom Rome Premieres Monday; Wolf Censored By EINPresswire Sep 10, 2022
6779 - Episode 2144: MAGA Is Ascendant: The Election Integrity Public Forums; Surging Crime In Democratic Run Cities; We Are Seeing A Global Reordering Of Power Sep 10, 2022
6778 - WarRoom Battleground EP 134: Trump Endorses Bolsonaro; Sweden Populists Rise Up Against The Tyrannical Left; Household Net Worth Plummets Over 6 Trillion In Q2 Sep 09, 2022
6777 - Episode 2143: Boston Children's Hospital Continues To Push Gender Affirmation Surgery On Minors; The Continued Fight For Voter Integrity; Crime Surges In Chicago Sep 09, 2022
6776 - Episode 2142: Crime And Economic Turmoil Surges In Washington State; DoJ Is Trying To Appeal The Special Master; There Is No Transparency And They Are Covering Up The Biggest Scam Of All Time; Stop Censorship And Help American First Businesses Sep 09, 2022
6775 - Episode 2141: Karoline Leavitt Throws Down And The RINOs In The Swamp Are Terrified; The Queen's Passing; We Are On The Verge Of Economic Collapse In The US And UK. Sep 09, 2022